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The FCC has a list of cb radios they deem to be illegal to import or market in the USA. This should be a consideration when buying a cb radio. As a general rule a cb radio marketed in America is supposed to have a "FCC Approved" tag on the back of the radio. This means FCC technicians have inspected the cb radio and deem it ok for sale.

After a bit of research on this matter, I believe I have the mind set down of why a cb radio passes this inspection or not. In the case of these "10 meter radios" that are easily modifiable for cb radio and cb radios that are easily modifiable for 10 meter ham radio, that is just it. The ease of modification. If a cb radio can be modified for the "bootleg channels" in a matter of minutes, there is no way it would pass FCC inspection. Just about any cb radio on the market can be modified for "bootleg" use, but, those with FCC approval are not easily modified. Example: To modify a "illegal" galaxy radio for bootleg frequencies you just need to pop the cover off, clip a diode or move a jumper. Takes a few minutes. Example 2: The Cobra 148 cb radio is FCC Approved. It can also be modified for bootleg operation. BUT, it takes over an hour to modify the Cobra 148 for bootleg operation. That's right. it all boils down to ease of modification for illegal operation.

Obviously there are other factors involved. Quality of components and their operation, power output and other things.

Amateur Radio Operators are legally able to modify any cb radio for operation within the "Ham Bands". A good example of this would be Hams that convert old 23 Channel Hy-Gain radios to 6 meter operation. This keeps the medium for experimentation going in the field of Amateur Radio.
it is also worth noting that it is illegal for any Amateur Radio License holder to use non FCC approved equipment on cb radio. Even the highest class licensed ham operator is supposed to be using a FCC Approved cb radio on cb radio 1-40.

It is also interesting to note that a couple brands of cb radios on the "banned list" have since met FCC approval. That's right, there are a few models of Galaxy "CB Radios" that have FCC Approved tags. When buying a Galaxy Radio for cb, one should check the specs to make sure it's one of the FCC Approved models.

Note: does NOT market non fcc approved cb radios.




COBRA - model: 200 GTL DX

CONNEX - models: 3300, 3300 HP, 3300HP-ZX, 3300 PLUS, CX-3800, 4300 HP, 4300 HP 300, 4400, 4400 HP, 4600 Turbo, 4800 DXL, 4800 HPE, Deer Hunter, General Lee, General Washington

GALAXY - models: 33HML, 44V, 45MP, 48T, 55, 55V, 66V, 73V, 77, 77HML, 88HL, 93T, 95T, 99V, 2517, 2527, 2547, Melaka, Saturn and Saturn Turbo

GENERAL - General Jackson, Grant, Stonewall Jackson, Lee, Washington, A.P. Hill, Longstreet

MAGNUM - models: 257, 357DX, Alpha force, Delta Force, Mini, Omega Force,S3, S3RF, S6, S9,

MIRAGE - models: 33HP, 44, 88, 99, 2950, 2950EX, 2970, 6600, 88H/L, 9900,

NORTH STAR - models: NS-3000 and NS-9000

PRESIDENT - models: Grant, J.F.K., Jackson, Lincoln, HR-2510 and HR-2600

PRO STAR - model: 240

RANGER / RCI - models: AR-3500, RCI-2900, RCI-2950, RCI-2950-DX, RCI-2970, RCI-2970-DX, RCI-2980-WX, RCI-2985-DX, RCI-2995-DX, RCI-6300, RCI-6300 Turbo, RCI-6300F-25, RCI-6300F-150, RCI-6900, RCI-6900 Turbo, RCI-6900F-25, RCI-6900F-150, RG-99, Voyage VR-9000

STRYKER - model: 440

SUPERSTAR - model: 121, 122, 36, 3700, 3900, 3900HP, 3900 American Spirit, 3900 HP G, 3900 Gold, 3900GHPA, 3900GHPM, 4800, Grant

TEK - model: HR-3950

UNIDEN - models: HR-2510 and HR-2600

VIRAGE - model: 3300, 3300 HP, VX-38, VX-39


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