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Choosing the Right CB Radio Base Station Antenna : There are a few general outcomes to various models of cb radio base station antenna that may help you in your choice. The Best CB Base Station Antenna.

1: As a general rule in these vertical sticks, the 5/8 antennas have a cleaner noise floor than the 1/4 and so called "half wave" cb base antennas. For example's sake, the Antron 99 claiming to be 1/2 wave antenna is an excellent choice, but, a 5/8 wave base antenna like the Maco V58 Antenna has a cleaner noise floor. Smaller wavelength vertical antennas tend to attract more noises. it's no big deal, but, when you compare them side by side the difference is sometimes great. A Beam antenna will have an even lower signal to noise ratio. the goal is the highest signal with the least amount of noise.

2: Antennas like the Antron 99 & Procomm PT90 claim to be "A half wave over a quarter wave antenna. These antenna both being omni directional, tend to have a higher angle of radiation. Meaning, they shoot for the sky a bit more than a bigger 5/8 wave antenna. This can make antennas like the Antron surprising performers when the DX starts to roll, but, they do lack super local performance unless they are very high in the air. A 5/8 wave base station antenna will have excellent local performance even if it is not that high off the ground, for it has a lower angle of radiation. But, despite this, the 5/8ths wave is also an excellent DX antenna with a nice signal to noise ratio.

3: A beam Antenna works the best. Lowest noise level with the highest signal. It does not get any better than a beam antenna. Want to try a beam, check out the Maco Beam Antennas listed above.

Livecbradio.com uses the Pentetrator 500 5/8 Wave Antenna by Hy-Gain. They have not made them for years. Good luck finding one. There are many 5/8 wave Aluminum base station antennas out there, but, you will pay the price this is for sure. Good luck in finding the best cb radio base antenna for your station.



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