The Cobra 2000 GTL CB Radio Base Station. World famous for it's all around quality. This base radio performs as good as it looks. The cobra 2000 GTL uses the same circuit board design as the Cobra 148 and Uniden Grant. The Cobra 2000 may not be the most powerful cb radios, but they sure sound like it. The brilliant receive of the cobra combined with the large speaker makes for a pleasurable listening experience. The meters are friendly to people with bad eye sight. Many will agree the Cobra 2000 is probably the best and most popular FCC Approved CB Radio ever made. This radio does not need "mods".

Another great thing about the Cobra 2000 is that they are easy to work on. Even a broken 2000 could be a worthy investment. Since it has one of the most popular circuit boards used in cb radio , certified technicians will have no problem fixing or improving the radio. However, I do understand the parts like the frequency counter and other things on the radio are hard to come by. Everything behind the front face of the radio is trivial. If you can get one for a decent price you better get after it. They raise in price every year. The great thing is, once you have one, you are set. Once it's working right, you may be set for life. The Cobra 2000 Base Station CB Radio is a dependable workhorse that has been known to out live people.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Cobra 2000 not only plugs in a home wall outletwall, but it also will connect to 12 Volts. That's Right! You can take the old 2000 GTL with you in your car, truck, mobile home RV or camper.

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