CB Radio Dipole Antennas: Dipole Cb Radio Antennas for Indoor or Outdoor Base Station or portable use. You can put one of these antennas anywhere. Performance of a cb dipole antenna is acceptable, and sometimes up to par in comparison with a mobile cb radio antenna. People "talk DX" on dipole antennas.

In years of tinkering with cb radios, I have likely made dozens of dipoles for cb use. It's always a quick solution to get someone on the air. It works many time better than a mobile antenna on a flat piece of tin. They will even work to a small degree hanging on the wall in a basement. Simple yet very effective.

Sometimes it's best to leave the work of making a cb dipole antenna to someone that has made many. Plug and play is always nice. That is why I was impressed with the products seen below. I could make one, but, these are nice!


Home Made CB Antennas : Maybe you are just planning on making you own cb dipole antenna or similar. If this is the case, you might find the selections below to your interest. A dipole antenna is basically a wire antenna cut to a certain length and connected to the radio. There are a few tricks with them, but, they are very easy to make.




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