Looking for a cb radio, antenna or other equipment for your Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Road Glide, FLH or other touring Motorcycle? You have come to the right place. Here we have cb radios, antennas and other equipment for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle for sale on . While you are there, you might want to look at other items like communication headsets and other things you may need for wiring and installation. You may also want to check our Motorcycle Cb Radio page for other install options for your motorcycle. That page has a pretty decent selection of touring motorcycle cb radio items. If you are considering a portable option, you may want to check out our Handheld CB Radios page for further options.

Why use a CB Radio? A Cb Radio is more accurate than any radar detector. Truck drivers are meticulous when it comes to telling everyone "Where the Bears are". Truckers are like the borg in this respect. If you are riding your motorcycle and a "Bear" is spotted anywhere, you are going to hear about it. If you know the lingo you are set. Example: You are out riding your Harley Davidson and you hear "You got a bear at the two seventy one mile sticker sittin on the west bound side in the comedian shootin' you in the back" (or face). This of course means the Police are running radar at that mile marker. On the highway you can easily get 10-15 miles reception on these reports. These "bear reports" are constant, every day of the year day and night. This will work for you in the city as well on truck routes. You may hear something like "You got a city kitty rollin east bound on 9th street". A "city kitty" is of course the city police. A "meat wagon" is an ambulance.

And finally, here is the key to getting this information if you are not hearing it. When you see a truck going in the opposite direction note the name on his trailer". Example: "Hey England, what did you leave back behind you?". That trucker will then respond with something like described above or "you are lookin good all the way back to the two seventy one miles sticker, mash on it". Then you respond "10-4, thank ya much". "The Bears" can not hide from truckers. A cb radio would be a clever install for anyone that rides their Harley Davidson on major routes.




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