Home Made CB Radio Antenna

How to make a Cheap and Easy Home Made CB Radio Antenna. This homemade cb radio antenna can be used for base station or portable operation. Just hang it and talk. This antenna is a "Quarter Wave Dipole" with Ground Radials. You may find this homemade cb antenna performs rather well if you do not have access to a typical base station antenna.

Step One: Get some 50 ohm coaxial cable to run from the cb radio to the wire antenna.

Step Two: Connect the center lead of coaxial cable to 105 inch piece of wire as seen in diagram above. Make sure the braided outer shield is not touching the center wire.

Step 3: Connect braided shield of coaxial cable to 1,2,3, or 4 pieces of 105 inch wire. These are the 4 wires pointing downward in the diagram above.

Tape the wires and cable so the wire that points straight up does NOT make contact with the four wires on the bottom. The 4 wires pointing down are all connected to each other and the shield braided outer part of the coaxial cable. The wire you use for the vertical antenna section and the ground plane wires is not important. Plastic coated speaker wire or salvaged extension cords wire will work fine.

Mounting tip: Put a plastic clothes hanger hook at the top of the wire antenna. Now loosely scotch tape the hook to a long wooden pole. Use pole to reach a tree branch and hang the antenna in tree. One hooked the scotch tape will release the pole.

Warning: Never install antenna near power lines. Always calculate distance of feed line so it snaps 20 feet before the antenna could make contact with a power line, should the antenna and coaxial cable become air born. i.e. the coaxial cable and antenna length combined should be at least 20 feet shorter than the nearest power line.
More people die installing antennas every year than most people realize. In the 1980's over 50 people a year gave their lives to put up antennas.




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