Solarcon IMAX 5/8 Wave Base Station Antenna
Omni-Directional Fiberglass CB Base Antenna
Also called " I-Max 2000"
Covers far above and below the traditional CB channels
End Fed 5/8 wave length radiator
Extended Center Section Radials are Not Required
Wide Bandwidth
High Power 5000 Watts Capability
Outstanding Gain
24 Feet Long Wind
Rating - 100 MPH

SWR Tunable
Optimum SWR 1.5 - 1
5.1 DBI Gain
DC Grounded
Super Heavy Duty Mount
Tunable for 10 Meter Ham Amateur Radio
Covers 26 to 33.5 MHz
Antenna tested to 5000 watts
Mounting system provides easy one piece install
Long ferrules make for a mechanically strong antenna
Meets or exceeds CPSC Standards
Add the IMAX GPK ground plane kit for even better performance
Mounts to Antenna Mast With U Bolts (included)
Color - White
SO-239 Coax Connector on Bottom


The Imax 2000 Cb Radio Base Station Antenna is a good one. I have owned a few of them in the past. Know quite a few people that still use them. The Solorcon Imax 2000 Antenna does well as a local or DX Antenna. The Imax easily out-performs the Antron 99. The Imax especially carries a great advantage over the Antron 99 talking locally. The Imax's 5/8 wavelength is more efficient for local talking and does great DX. I consider the Imax the best of the "Big Sticks". Just put it up and forget about it. Sure the Hy-Gain penatrator and the I-10K Interceptor will outperform the Imax, but, those take up a lot of room and are somewhat unsightly. The Imax 2000 can be painted, put in a tree or disguised in a PVC flagpole. It's a great antenna. The great thing about the Imax 2000 is it's east SWR adjustment. That is if you even need adjustment. most Imax or Antron style antennas will have a flat SWR laying on the ground. Once again, put the antenna up, plug in the coax and forget about it. You can't go wrong with this cb base station antenna.

IMAX 2000 Tips and Safety by

1: The Imax 2000 will work indoors if you have the room (sideways in attic)
2: Take the Imax with you on a DXpedition. The Imax assembles in seconds
3: A shorter coax feed line will increase the Imax's performance
3: The thicker coax makes more difference than most cbers think
4: Put electrician's conductive grease on all connections and joints
5: Sand and clean the area where the Antenna's base attaches to the pole.
6: It has been said the Ground Plane Kit decreases interference to your neighbors
7: Imax and a Tuner will work modest International DX on 20m Amateur Band
8: Install antenna away from metal items like air conditioners and gutters
9: Install low pass filter on coax line at the radio (grounded) to prevent RFI-TVI
10: Never install near power lines. Never install during storm activity.




imax 2000 antenna

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