40 CB Radio Antennas are made in the U.S.A.

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The K40 Antenna has set standards for CB Radio Mobile Performance for Decades. It's number one feature is it's performance. Unlike a lot of cb radio antennas, it doesn't just work. The K40 performs! Forget about antenna specs, how good does it work in the real world? The dozens of people I have known in the past that use the K40 are often accused of being "Base Stations". When you put it on the back of your car it becomes fairly directional. This offers increased directional power as well as great tracking capabilities.
Besides it's performance the K40 is most commonly known as the easiest to remove antenna. You simply twist it a half a turn and it comes off. It's quick release removal takes 1 second. They can't steal your K40 antenna when it's in the trunk. They have a whole line of CB Antennas to meet your needs.
And finally rugged construction is important. I have never seen anyone break or damage any K40 Antenna product. And perhaps most importantly, they don't fly off above 70mph. Plus, they don't whistle howl or make a lot of desirable wind noise. Their 25+ year reputation really speaks for it 'self. The power handling of the K40 seems to be 500 watts.

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