MACO V58 | 5/8ths Wave Vertical CB Radio Base Station Antenna

Are you looking for a Base Station Antenna that will out perform those fiberglass sticks? The Maco V58 is the way to go in the price range. In my experience with all of these antennas receive seems to be the biggest performance factor with making the choice to go to a bigger 5/8ths Wave Vertical Antenna. it's like night and day. Those fiberglass straight sticks can be a magnet for noise and static in certain situations. A 5/8ths Wave Vertical Base Station Antenna will also out perform "the straight sticks" in transmit signal but the clean receive is the most noticeable trait. Once you give up the fiberglass vertical long enough to try one, you will notice it's like night and day on the noise level on your radio. It just so happens runs both a fiberglass vertical and a 5/8 Wave Base Antenna similar to the Aluminum Maco V58.

MACO V-58 CB Base Station Antenna Specs

  • Construction: 6063 T-5 Amuminum
    Impeadence: 50 Ohm
    Gain: 5db ?
    Max Power input: 1500 Watts
    Height: 20 Feet
    Frequency Coverage: 26-46Mhz
    The Maco V-58 will work on 20 Meter Ham Radio with a Tuner


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