1101-C - Model 80 90 VFO - 1011D Comanche - FD-100 Frequency Counter - FS-9DX Meter - 1011C - Manual - Siltronix Vintage 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Back in the 1970's one could pick up a Siltronix Radio for under $500. I remember seeing one on the shelf of a cb radio shop called "A&A CB" back in the nineties. It was working and ready to go for just a little over a hundred dollars. It's the same old story of what one should have done when it comes to some of these old Siltronix rigs. Vintage radios from yesterday we could have had for cheap are now rather costly. If it's any consolation, this trend never stops. Likely buying a Siltonix today will be a sound investment. These radios are timeless. They will never lose their popularity.

Siltronix, The 10 meter Ham Radio with 11 Meter VFO Receive


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