Popular Vintage CB Radios

Vintage Browning Golden Eagle Mark 4, Mark 3

GE Superbase

Johnson Messenger

Browning Golden Eagle

Sonar Model E, FS 23

Hammarlund Tube

Pearce Simpson

Johnson Viking

Turner Microphones


Retro Antique Vintage CB Radios

Vintage Radio Gear often Including Brands and Models: Tram, Johnson, Browning Golden Eagle, Cobra 2000 GTL, Sonar, Layayette, Turner, Pearce Simpson, Regency, D201, Diamond, Siltronix, Shure, Hy-gain, Executive, Robyn, General Electric, Superbase, Motorola, Royce, Realistic Navaho, Cobra, Uniden, Midland

The Tram D-201 has to be the most popular vintage cb radio in existence in America. I have operated a couple of these radios in the past. Original non amplified D-104, VFO tuning and the glow of the tubes. They are not easy to set up properly, but, when you do they perform fantastic.

Johnson Vintage CB Radios are also quite sought after by the "Old School" CB Radio crowd.

Knowing from experience, believe it or not people are also very fond of the Realistic Vintage CB Radios out there. Radio shack used to make great cb radio base stations a long time ago. These vintage cb radio are very appreciated.



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